Riding Protocols

All Group Riders' Responsibilities

  • Keep a close eye on the trip goals and guidelines to ensure the safety and the wellbeing of each and every colleague, and any neighboring motorists or pedestrians.
  • It is not wise to make any unnecessary move that would put the whole group in trouble
  • Follow the suggestions of trip leader in all situation, unless, those instructions (in your opinion) put the rider or any other individual in a dangerous and insecure situation
  • Ride with head light on and on low beam
  • Remember you are riding for your pleasure and fun, so be safe as much as possible
  • Always be punctual

Schedule Responsibilities

  • It is every rider’s responsibility to keep up with the planned schedule
  • In case of any rescheduling, stoppage times and departure times may be reviewed to make the adjustment
  • You are required to arrive prior to the departure time to attend the rider briefing and guidelines

Speed, Intervals, and Distances

  • You are expected to establish and maintain a uniform safe distance with your surrounding riders
  • Be consistent with your speed as per weather conditions, and bring in safe riding practices based on your best judgment
  • Try to maintain a safe distance and lane position between themselves and the rider directly ahead; to be consistent with existing road, and traffic.
  • Unscheduled Stops

    • The possibility of unscheduled stops is there in case of fuel deficiency, restroom, rider fatigue or any other reason. The fellow riders should be informed in advance that a stop is necessary so that the stop can be made in an organized fashion and convenient way.

    Safety Equipment

    • As already mentioned, it is expected that all riders will come to the ride with a well maintained motorcycle
    • All group riders are encouraged to bring a well stocked tool kit
    • Medical aid and necessary equipments