Riding Tips for Himalayas

Snarling through the giant mountains is different from riding on plane roads. Mountain riding demands special preparations. First thing first, you should have an instant contact in case of emergency or other hazards. If you are traveling in a group, all group members should share the information with each other to get back in touch in case they split.

  • Keep your necessary information and riding plans at home so that you can easily be tracked in case of emergency
  • Pack clothes and shoes that can handle severe chill weather and rains. A quick tip, keep some extra insulators such as news papers, or thermo coal in case of emergency
  • Use zip lock bags for packing your essentials that either need water-proofing or can leak such as toothpaste, creams etc. Your bike documents, spare memory cards, batteries and paper money can also be stored in there
  • A highly effective helmet and gloves that can handle worst of chill weather
  • Beware while planning your rides so that you can get cross water-crossing without any hassle
  • Try to eat soup and soupy stuff like noodles with lots of surplus water. It keeps you warm inside little longer, and digests easily
  • You can also have Dal rice, preferably with boiled veggies
  • Keep some chocolates and candies with you, they are great to add the sugar flavor time-to-time
  • Don’t forget to keep an extra key of your bike
  • Keep extra warm clothes because you don’t know when the weather can turn into worse condition
  • And above all, do keep monitoring your bike from time to time however tired or lazy or chilled you might feel. The roads high up can beat the hell out of the best hardware
  • Keep a check on your temperature, body and skin. Keep applying moisture on your skin time-to-time to avoid skin dryness
  • Keep eating at regular intervals so that you will not go through calories shortage