Safe Riding Tips

Whether you are feeling ecstatic, low, happy, or lonely, just ride the motorcycle, and you will see the magic. Riding is an ultimate pleasure as long as it is safe and secure. When you are on your motorcycle, the four things play an important part:

  1. A great riding strategy that requires focused attention and instant decision making skills
  2. Excellent physical skills
  3. Your expertise and experience in riding , and
  4. Protective riding gear

Considering those things can create a strong defense against the possible threats involved with riding.

Mental practice for safety

Riding is more about controlling your senses, and it is more than 80% mental skills that make contribution in controlling your ride. Once you are mastered the mechanical controls and become habitual to the ride, your mental skills automatically make the operations such as where to apply brakes, where to change gear, and more very easy and simple.

But what’s more required is your mental practice and toughness that free up your brain from the distraction, and even enable you to build your first line of defense.

So, always be mentally prepared because your mental practice requires 100% attention to the surroundings, instant decision- making capability, and accuracy in analyzing the road hazards and dangers. And if you really need to enhance your concentration, meditation is a great option.

Common practice for safety

  1. Select a motorcycle that provides you maximum comfort, and also fits your functional requirements
  2. A rider’s both feet properly touch to the ground while sitting on the motorcycle
  3. If someone is riding with you on your motorcycle, make sure the motorcycle would give maximum comfort to your colleague as well as provide footrests (footpegs) to him
  4. Make sure you can reach and operate every function of motorcycle easily and quickly
  5. Select the power you need, but only as much as you can handle safely
  6. If you are opting for a heavy machine, and you must be strong enough to push/pull it, or lift it upward if it falls down

Every motorcycle has its own quality. Some are built with special tires and suspension, and some with wheels designed to grip pavement, and highly powerful braking systems. So, choose the one that best fits your personality. Because, the quality riding depends upon you and your mental strength to handle the machine in severe conditions.
May you always have safe riding!